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This information comes mostly from the A2wiki and the Apple II Documentation Project. Corrections and additional information welcome.

Image from Documentation ProjectDescription
Apple Disk II Interface Card
The very first adapter, 2 x 20 pin connectors, eight chips of which two are ROMs. 650-X104 (c)1978
Works with Disk II SSDD 5.25", 140k.
Apple 5.25 Controller Card
"19 pin" -- The same design as the previous card. 820-5003-A (c)1983
Works with Disk II SSDD 5.25", 140k.
Apple Disk II IWM Controller Card
344-0041 IWM, 6309 PROM, 74LS245 buffer, 2 x 20 pin connectors, (c)1983
Apple 3.5 Floppy Disk Drive Interface Card
"Liron" was the code name for the IWM chip. 344-0041-B IWM. 603-9107-A, 820-0117-A. (c)1985
Works with Unidisk 3.5" drives, SSDD (400k) or DSDD (800k), GCR of course.
Apple Universal Controller Card
IWM 344-0041-B (c)1986?
Supports both 5.25" and 3.5" drives, GCR, SSDD on 5.25", and both SSDD (400k) and DSDD (800k) on 3.5". Works with the external (not Unidisk) 3.5" disk (This Apple support article seems to indicate that the Unidisk 3.5 has a buffer built in -- which makes sense).


This seems to be the same chipset as used by the Apple IIc+, namely the Magic Interface Glue (MIG) chip top right, IWM bottom right, and quite probably the 2K SRAM top left.
Apple II 3.5 Disk Controller Card
"Superdrive" : This controller contains a 6502 processor, 32K static RAM, and a SWIM chip. 820-0500-A (c)1991
Works with Unidisk 3.5" (A2M2053) or FDHD (G7287) drives. Can do both GCR (400/800k) and MFM (720k / 1.44M).


NamePart NumberPackageTextUsed in
IWM344-0041DIP 28 Apple Disk II IWM Controller
Apple Universal Controller Card
IWM344-0041-BDIP 28VF4060-0001 Apple 1982, 83Mac M0001P
IWM344-DIP 28VLSI (c) Apple '82Mac Plus
IWM344-0061-1DIP 28VLSI VC2982-0001 (C) Apple '88Mac SE FDHD
SWIM343S0061-A44 PLCC J (C) Apple 1988Macintosh Classic, Macintosh IIci

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