Esprin Hermanos Euskaro

September 2011

"Hermanos" is Spanish for "brothers". The brothers Esprin made revolvers from 1906 to 1917.

In Pistols of the World, Hogg notes that "The guns were of poor quality, using cast or soft metal, and the fact that they went out of business in the middle of a war must say something about their products".

Euskaro #300407 in 38 S&W
Euskaro "Modelo 1907" #300407 in 38 S&W

With a reputation like that, I had to have this revolver. Also, it only cost me R200 (for non-South Africans, that's about what a standard 750ml bottle of Jim Beam costs, so make it what, eighteen dollars?).

It seems to be a fairly straightforward copy of the Smith & Wesson "Lemon Squeezer" Safety Hammerless (Fourth Model, I'd guess*).

And no, I'm not planning to actually shoot it. I'm crazy, but...

* Seeing how Tamara, Smith & Wesson goddess, notes that The upward-lifting latch distinguishes it from the 3rd Model, which used a central button, while the pinned front sight distinguishes it from the 5th Model, which used a front sight milled integrally with the barrel rib. The fact that this gun has been refinished is made obvious by the fact that the latch, trigger, and trigger guard are all shiny. On a factory nickel gun, they would have been blued steel.

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