Star PD

September 2011

Lemme tell you how the Classic Arms auctions work. Or how they work for me.

Classic Arms sends out a spreadsheet with the auction items. I go through the spreadsheet, check what I'm interested in, and then I ask a friend to go to the auction on my behalf. He bids to the maximum I told him to, and sometimes we get the item.

Note that at no point prior to bidding did I get a chance to see the firearm in question.

Which brings us to:

Yea, well. OK. 'nuff said. Maybe that explains the price -- R1000 in August 2008.

Six shots at 10m standing, using my 230 grain Round Nose cast reloads. Not too shabby.

Here's a thread on Gunsite about replacing the shock buffer with a brass bushing and a modified Wilson ShokBuff.

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