My brother, Pieter, bought the Land-Rover for R1500 a couple of years ago. In running condition. Didn't stop so well though - we had to hack some brakes together before driving it from Cape Agulhas to Bellville. At first I thought that I had a 1960-something Series IIA, based on the VIN plate, but later we found the real chassis number on the right front spring hanger. If you're looking for your VIN, be prepared to sand blast the chassis to find it. It's not stamped very deep, and a bit of paint and/or rust can easily hide it, even if you know where to look. The VIN is (might be?) 162900770, which means (62) 109" Petrol Export RHD Station Wagon, (9) 1969, (00770) number 770.

When we got the Landy to Pieter's SO's place, we parked it in the garage and started stripping. Things are always worse than they look, and lemme tell ya, this Landy was *shot*! An angle grinder is a really useful piece of equipment...

Pieter intended to rebuild the Land-Rover, obviously with my help. We did get started, to the extend of obtaining another bulkhead and rear chassis crossmember to replace the badly rusted ones we had. But then Pieter got busy, and nothing happened for quite some time. In December 1995 we (Elmari, myself, and the first two cats) moved from the flat to a house, and shortly after had a combination house-warming and chassis moving party, which is how I ended up with a Land-Rover in kit form.

(The third (black) cat was a housewarming present)