Date: Fri, 24 May 1996 12:58:33 -0400
Subject: First experience

Folks, I recently had the pleasure of riding in and even driving the vehicle I want, a 67 109.

I must say, the experience of riding in this vehicle on the typical Chicago highway (we have two seasons, winter and road repair) was exactly like sticking your head into the engine compartment of a volkswagon beetle (running burning and leaking oil) whilst being beaten (none too gently) on the small of the back with a shovel.

Driving the vehicle was all that and more, as the steering, transmission, overdrive and clutch all operated with the flawless efficiency of the post office.

I was shaken by this brief trip, but certainly not overly surprised. Apparently these are the endearing qualities of the average rover...

Certainly I was disenchanted of any notion of purchasing and using this vehicle as a daily driver, as my commute (round trip) is in excess of 110 miles per day. I donít have sufficient insurance coverage to deal with the burden of all those trips to the chiropractor.

The owner of this sturdy beast referred to it simply as "bitch". I asked him if he was online here, but he assured me in no uncertain terms that he considered computers effeminate. About ten minutes into my test drive one front wheel began to vibrate with the intention of disengaging itself. We stopped and the owner crawled under the vehicle with a pair of crescent wrenches. (both of which he apparently used as hammers) After much cursing and beating we returned to the road.

Even after all this, gentle folk, I still want one of these vehicles, but I will probably save it for special occasions, like causing overdue pregnant women to deliver. I have my eye on a 97 Bronco Expedition. Child safety and placement of baby seats is also a concern of mine, I never heard any response to the question about those matters posted earlier.


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