The 50th Anniversary Land-Rover Tour of South Africa

1998-03-14 to 1998-05-10

Itinerary (PDF).

Ina and Terry Cotton organised this trip for the 50th anniversary of Land-Rover (the first Land-Rovers were built in 1948, just after the war). When I heard of the trip, I was in the second year of my planned five year project of rebuilding the yellow Rand-Lover. So I put in extra effort, and actually made it in time -- barely. The Rand-Lover got roadworthied on the 28th of February, and we left on the 6th of March -- and I built in the "cabinets" (very rough) and put on the roofrack in the last week.

Of course, we had way to much stuff, as first-timers always do.

Our first stop was Elmari's parents' farm in the Free State, where we covered the matresses, put in the door seals, etc, etc, etc...


I didn't take nearly enough photographs. Pim Kielen, who flew in from the Netherlands with his wife Thandie, took one roll of film per day. Expensive, but not a bad idea. Also, I still have to scan in many of my photos, and round tuits are scarce around here.

[image: Gwala-Gwala braai (36k)] We met up with the group at Gwala-Gwala, north of Middelburg, (old) Transvaal. That evening we met all the people, had a nice braai, bushpig, hmmmm.

That's Thandie, Elmari, and myself. This is one of Pim's photographs.

[image: Kermit, Pim and Spikkels at Gwala-Gwala (67k)] At Gwala-Gwala, the next morning. The three landies are Kermit (Daniel & Julia), the diesel shorty that Pim hired from the Cottons, and Spikkels. That's Pim and yours truly standing at the rear, probably talking to Daniel.
[image: More Gwala-Gwala (Pim's photo) (321k)] Another shot of Kermit, Pim's landy and Spikkels.

We're all admiring the expensive American bits that Daniel installed in Kermit. Thandie and Elmari in the foreground

Another one of Pim's photos, this one is big (321k)

[image: Elmari and Wouter (64k)] Elmari and me, at the top of Long Tom Pass (I think) on the way to God's Window.
[image: Lineup (40k)] Pim and Tandi's SIII SWB, Kermit (SII SWB), the Cotton's Series I SWB, Spikkels, and Johan and Linda Benade's SIII LWB.
[image: In Kruger National Park (Pim's photo) (242k)] Here we are parked at a lookout point in the Kruger National Park.

Again one of Pim's nice big (242) photos.

[image: Picknick somewhere in Kruger (Pim's photo) (280k)] We were not present at this lunch in the Kruger National Park. Left to right, Daniel Oppenheim, Johan Benade, Linda Benade (if you look closely), Julia Oppenheim, and Thandie Kielen. That's the Benade red SIII in the background.

Another one of Pim's nice big photos (280k).

[image: Mbolombo Point]

[image: Shixini River Mouth]

Allan and Annabel Cotton joined us for the Transkei part of the trip. These two photos are "stolen" from Allan's site.
[image: Agulhas lineup (22k)]
Following the trip, Daniel Oppenheim wrote a letter to the South African Getaway magazine. The Agulhas lineup above is from the article, if you click on the image you'll get the complete article (100k jpeg). The lineup is: Jeremy's Series I, Terry and Ina Cotton's Series I, Kurt's TDi, Daniel & Julia's Series IIA SWB (Kermit), Spikkels, Brian Hogg's TDi, and Dave Pike's (early) 110 V8.

The tour reached Cape Town on the 21st of April, which marked the end of our participation. The rest of the group went on to the Richtersveld and back to Pretoria after that.

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