The story of my Puma (#129)

I wanted a Puma ever since I got my driver’s licence. At that time (1986) I was under the
impression that the Puma was a kit car, so I mailed Mr. Wijker asking about buying a
Puma in kit form. I got a very nice letter back, pricing a kit at R 3 200. At that stage a
complete car sold for R 15 600.

Fortunately (for me, but unfortunately for my dream of having a Puma) I was given a car by a relative. A second-hand Citroen GS1220, but that’s another story. I drove the Citroen until I had the money to buy my own car, which was… a second-hand Puma. (never should have got rid of the Citroen, damn, those were nice cars)

[Puma VIN plate (175K)]

I first thought my Puma was built in 1971, but when I removed the VIN plate and cleaned it, I could see that it reads

MODEL:			1974
ENGINE No.		134259

[Puma dealer plate (32K)]

I bought the Puma in February 1994 for R 10 000. By then the original upright engine had been replaced by a fairly tired Type III flat engine. I bought a totalled Variant, and rebuilt the Type IV engine completely. I paid ~R2500 for new pistons, bearings, valves, and seals, and the machining of the case, barrels and heads ran to another ~R2500.

When I swapped the engines I replaced the wiring from the engine bay to the dash. (people who use 15 amp mains wire for 12V feeds should be shot) After driving around with wires all over the floor and hanging out under the dashboard I finally decided to fix it. That was somewhere around March 1997.

I rewired the dashboard — this is a bigger job than it looks — but I still have to rewire the front lights and indicators. (Did I mention my incipient shipfitters disease?)

I parked the Puma in February 1998, the gearbox was jumping out of first and the brakes were, erm, interesting, to say the least.

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2 Responses to The story of my Puma (#129)

  1. Andrew Rist says:

    Hi Wouter,

    Is there a phone number I can call/email address for advice on the do’s and dont’s with regards rebuilding two Puma GT’s. Having built three Lotus 7 reps, I know the pain involved in going at something without feedback from someone who has done it before.



    • wrm says:

      Armand probably knows more than anyone else around here. But he’s a busy fellow.

      I still run the Puma email list, dunno who still monitors it, it’s very very quiet in there.

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