Factory built 2078cc Puma engines

Armand Botha sent me the following information:

“On South African Pumas there was an option of a Puma engine of 2078ccs.

I own some blueprints dating from 1972/73 which detail a 78.4mm stroke crankshaft. I also have details on conrod modification, casing and crankcase modification. There are also details on bigger valves and port modifications (exhaust). I deduced from conversations that the cylinders were 92mm and valves were 40mm intake and 35.5mm exhaust. The port modifications follows Bill Fishers book ‘How to hotrod Volkswagens’.

The other interesting blueprint details the addition of a dry sump kit and remote oil cooler. The cooler was mounted under the left front bumper with the oil lines going through the tunnel. The oil tank was mounted opposite the battery in the lefthand side of the engine compartment.

The carburettors were Solex 40mm (similar to Kadrons except aluminium manifolds with puma stamp and different links and air filters.

I could not ascertain whether a different cam grind was used although it was possible.

The distributor was a fully mechanical unit (Bosch 010).

The engine sheetmetal was also painted hammer finish silver and a badge was fitted to the fan housing (yellow with puma badge and ‘PUMA MOTOR’ written underneath).

This engine was reportedly very potent and at least 2 examples left the factory.”

If you have a picture of one of these engines please send me a copy…

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