A Puma is a glassfibre (but not kit *) car built on VW Beetle running gear. Pumas were built in South Africa and in Brazil, with the designs drifting apart with time. (* Trivia: in the USA, Pumas were available in “kit” form to get around DMV regulations).

The first run of South African Pumas were built in Durban, and the second run in Verwoerdburg. The bodies for the first of the first run Pumas were imported from Brazil, after that the bodies were also built here. As far as I know the imported bodies have the wiper pivots on the outside, while the local bodies have the wiper pivots close together in the middle, longer doors, and (I’ve heard) a bit more headroom.

Later Pumas (maybe only the second run) had rear quarter windows.

Bill Jackameit‘s production figures show that there were 357 first run and 26 second run Pumas built in South Africa. Yes folks, only 383 of these little cars built locally. No wonder you don’t see too many of them around. 21 733 Pumas were built in Brazil, for a total of 22 116 worldwide.

The good news is that the factory is (was?) open again.

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  1. Pete B says:

    Hi ,

    I am interested in a particular Puma and wondering if you have any history in relation to this car .

    The car build number is No. 117 Vin 1112138193 Engine No. 054027 right Hand drive colour yellow.

    Any information especially build date and where built would be much appreciated .


    Peter B

  2. Doug says:

    Hi Wouter.

    I am in Cape Town and want to buy a Puma GT. Do you perhaps know of any forsale with papers?


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