MCR1 Wiring

To fix the set properly, I had to reverse engineer the wiring on the circuit board and on the chassis, and the connections between the two. To do this I assigned net names, like one would do with modern PCB layout.

Net nameComponentsOff board connectionsChassis connections
NET01R3A C5AP2A2 (red wire)
NET02C5A R9A R10A R2AV1A1 (bare to R2A/R9A), V1D7 (yellow to R10A)
NET03R9A C8AV1A7 (yellow)V2A1/V2A5, VC4A rotor, VC2A/VC3A frame, Reduction Drive frame
NET04C8A R5A R4AR1A (green wire)
NET05C6A C5C C5BV1B1 (yellow to C6A), V2A7 (yellow to C5B)
NET06C5C R5A R5BL1BS (blue)
NET07 "Black"C6A R4A VR1A2 C6B R11A C9A R7A C6D C6E C6CV1C1/V1C5 (bare to C6B)P1A3, C8B
NET09 "Yellow"VR1A1 VR1B2P1A1 (yellow to VR1A1)V1B7
NET10C5B VR1B1 R3BV1B3 V2A3 (blue wire from V1B3 to circuit board to V2A3)
NET11R4B R11A R10A C5D C6EV1D1 (yellow to C5D)V1C7 (yellow)
NET12C9A C7A R6AV1C2 (yellow to C9A)
NET13R4BV1C6 (bare)C2A
NET15R1BV1D6 (green to R1B)
NET17R8A C5DV1D3 (blue wire)
NET18 "Red"R3A R3B R12A R8A C6CL1AS (red), T1A3 (red to C6C)Red T1A3 to P1A4 to L2A1
NET19R2A C2BV1A6 (green to R2A)green to V2A4/C2B
NET21R2B C6BBlue to L2BS

In addition to that, there are a number of components wired together on the chassis but not connected to the circuit board.

1Antenna connector to L2AS / C3A
2L2AF/C3A to P2A2/C2E
3C2E to P2A5
4P2A1 to C2B to (green wire) C3A stator / VC1A (padder mounted on VC1A)
5P2A3 to chassis (next to VC4A / C8B)
6P2A4 to V1A2, V1A3 (yellow wire through V1A socket mounting hole)
7P2A6 to C1A
8C1A to R1A to V2A6 (green wire)
9V1B2 to L2A (yellow wire)
10V1B6 to L1BF
11V1C1 to tie point ("black") to C8B
12V1C3 to L2BF
13V1D2 to T1A4 (yellow wire)
14V2A2 to L1AF
15L2A to "red"
16T1A3 to "red"
17T1A1 / T1A2 to 5 way panel


The pots are a bit unusual. Most modern pots have the centre pin as the moving contact, but in this case the case (pin furthest away in this photograph) is the slider. The centre pin is 1. So looking from the back, the numbering is 3 1 2 left to right. Something to watch out for.

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