MFJ-16010 ST Super Antenna Tuner

I bought my MFJ-16010 ST Super Antenna Tuner from eBay, for $33 in November 2013.

Note that this is not the MFJ-16010 Antenna Tuner, this is the MFJ-16010 ST. If you search the web, you will find that there is very little information available.

However, this page notes that the MFJ-16010 ST is the same tuner as the MFJ-901B. Download the manual

I have traced the circuit and it does match. There's a bit of weirdness at the bottom end of the coil, I'm pretty sure the bottom two taps are swapped on the switch, but this could be a wiring error.

Front view

Back view

Note that you need a jumper between the terminal marked "wire" and the one balanced connection, where the dotted line is, to connect the balun.

Inside view

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