Chev 2.5 Engine Overhaul the second

I overhauled engine #1 in January 2000. I overhauled engine #2 in November 2002.

Obtain an engine Bought an engine "with a bearing knock". Turns out it had broken rings and a bent pushrods. And yes, the mains didn't look so good either. But the engine had not been overhauled before (but someone had fitted a new piston, different from the rest). 40 thou bore, 10 thou on the mains and big ends.


ItemJan 2000 priceNov 2002 price% increase
KolbenSchmidt pistons with rings, 40 thou oversize 535.12 779.76 45.7%
ACL 4cyl con-rod main bearing set, 10 thou oversize 43.60 65.09 49.2%
ACL flanged main bearing set, 10 thou oversize 106.33 174.62 64.2%
ACL cam bearing set (6 cyl, no stock on 4 cyl) 90.59
Payen overhaul gasket set 229.70
Dynagear aluminium camshaft gear 159.78
AE .003" inlet valves 87.48
AE .003" exhaust valves 101.16
Worldwide hydraulic cam followers 109.20

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