Jabba the HUTT: Wouter's 109" SIIA Forward Control

Jabba the Hutt Jabba the HUTT is a 1963 (Chassis Suffix B) 109" Series IIA Forward Control Land-Rover.

The name comes from Tanya, saying "Eeeeeew, that's a Huge Ugly Thing!" -- thence the name, Jabba the Huge Ugly Touring Thing. The fact that Jabba the Hutt in the movie is 3.9m long, 1.75m tall and weighs 2000kg is a coincidence, really :-)

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The story so far :

On the Y2K tour, Pim and I decided to get a 101 Forward Control each. Well, Pim kept to his decision, but when I did some research I found that it's not easy to import a 101... or at least, it's only relatively easy if you're prepared to spend lots of money. I estimated that it would cost me about R50 000 to get a rough-but-fixable 101 imported and registered, and while 101s are nice, that's just a bit more than I have available. So I decided that a Series II Forward Control would be a better option.

I bought an SIIA rolling chassis from Mike Ilsley in Johannesburg for R5500, based on these pictures that he sent me. I couldn't swing things to go and fetch the chassis, the people who were storing the thing got itchy, and I eventually sold it to Peter Broccardo, without seeing it.

I then heard of another SIIA for sale, in Boksburg, Johannesburg. In December 2003 we drove up to Hazyview in the yellow Rand-Lover, and we swung by Leon Clulee, had a look, and bought the beast for R7500. It's an ambulance bodied, camouflage painted, slightly camperized beast with a 2 1/4 engine and 6485 miles on the clock.

I arranged to have the brakes overhauled, with the idea that I would drive up with enough tools and electrickery to get the thing going (from a jerry can, since the fuel tank is bust) and drive it down. Work pressure intervened, and I ended up paying Touche Auto R6783 to truck the thing down. Pictures of the delivery : 1 2 3 4 5.

So now I'm the owner of Forward Control 288 00212B, a CKD shipped in 1963 or 1964, with 6485 miles on the odometer and a lot of abuse on the body.

Series II Forward Control FAQ

I've started work on the Series II Forward Control FAQ. I need more information, please comment!



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