Lineup of 3 Land Rovers

Groenie, Spikkels, White LR

I don't drive a Land-Rover because it's a 4x4. I drive a Land-Rover because it's a way of life.

Driving a Land-Rover is fun. Don't believe me, read this posting from the Land Rover Owner Mailing List. (This should also give you an idea of my definition of 'fun' :-)

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After we got back from the 50th Anniversary tour, Elmari wanted a Land-Rover too. I guess it's contagious. :-)

Soon afterwards, a friend told her about a Land-Rover for sale in Yzerfontein. "It's a series two something..." Got there, and saw this really nice looking, but obviously not concourse, Series I. It looked like the perfect restoration project (In other words, NOT the right Land-Rover for Elmari) but closer examination showed a galvanized chassis with a late-model 2 1/4 engine and a SII steering box - in other words, there are better candidates for concourse restoration out there, while Groenie fits in perfectly with my Land-Rover philosophy.

We seperated in 2000, and I kept Groenie.

At the end of 2003, I decided to sell Groenie to make space for the Forward Control. Graham Duncan-Smith will be rebuilding her from the ground up, I hope to take some pictures to post here.

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