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The staff of life, they say. You need a flat bottomed black pot, called a "Dutch Oven" in some parts of the world.

3/4 kilo cake flour, 1/2 kilo mieliemeel, 100 grams honey, some instant yeast and sugar, some salt, a bit of oil, and you're set.

1. Mix the yeast and a teaspoon of sugar in a glass of lukewarm water. I do this even with "instant" yeast, to make sure it's OK.

2. Sift flour (not essential), add salt. Add foamy yeast mixture, add honey, add some more water (not too much), knead into a nice firm dough. Tip: spend some time kneading. Cover and leave in a warm area to rise.

3. Oil the pot, knead the dough a bit again, dump it in the pot.

4. In the mean time, of course, you've made a fire. This is the trick: Move the fire. The people tend to complain, but fsck them, this is bread we're making. Put the pot on the warm ground where the fire was. Pack coals around and on top. It should take about an hour, if it gets all hard and black and starts smoking you have too many coals. Rather take it easy.

5. Stick a skewer in to see if it's done. Tip: always carry a few stainless steel skewers for toasting marshmallows or making rat sosaties.

Butter, apricot jam, beat the neighbors off with a stick.

This specific recipe is pretty OK the next day or three, toasted. If you manage to have any left.

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