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You've heard of Hungarian Goulash. "Goulash" because the people who made it were gulyás. And you think it's a stew -- no, goulash is more the soup, the stew is pörkölt.

And it works well with game. I stole^H^H^H^Hadapted this recipe from Hank Shaw, mostly halving things because a kilo of meat is for a lot of people and I normally cook for two or three.

Brown your chunks of meat in some beef or bacon fat you saved last time. Slowly. As Hank says, take 20 minutes. Then remove the meat and do the same with a couple of chopped onions with a teaspoon or two caraway seeds, take half an hour or more.

Stick the meat back in, add two three tablespoons real paprika, some dried marjoram, a tin of tomatoes (or that punnet of baby tomatoes you bought when Food Lover's were selling them three for R20), a cup of red wine, a stock cube, and a cup or two of water to cover.

Cook for... a long time. Hank says 2 hours, 3 hours works for me.

I don't have a spätzle maker so I make extremely untidy kluitjies. Just flour and marge, no eggs.

Harissa beef and crispy potatoes

Using venison mince.

Oven to 180, 600g potatoes diced, 2 red onions in wedges. Or baby potatoes halved. Some oil, 30 minutes.

Mince in pot or deepish pan, bit of oil, brown, add a tin of chopped tomatoes, half a tin cold water, 4 teaspoons harissa paste. Simmer.

Mince sauce over potatoes, feta, mixed herbs, 5 minutes on gril.