John Prine

It’s been three years.

From the comments:

Will Cayemberg
One of my coolest musical experiences involved this song. Long horrible divorce that very nearly ended me I ashamed to say. I began running at night in the dark on lonely country roads “trying to change the shape I was in” both physically and mentally. This song was in my ear buds most nights. Then I got a chance to see John in a tiny Manitowoc, Wi. theater and after a few songs I yelled out “Clay Pigeons” and he looked right at me and said “Yeah, I know that one.” The whole place cracked up. The next song he started Clay Pigeons and looked right at me and I yelled “Thank You.” I was thanking him for more than just a song request I think he helped me keep my sh#t together.

Spencer Mason
Rest In Peace, John. Music won’t be the same without you.



In general, I stay at home for days at a time. No worries, everything I want is here. Sure, I’d walk to the Spar for some shopping now and then, just as I am doing now.

But the thought of not being allowed to go out, even though I don’t want to go out… it preys on the mind.

Yea, it’s a bit like that.