One gemsbok sirloin, cut into thick steaks and marinaded in a mixture of oil, lemon juice, wooster* sauce, garlic and rosemary for about eight hours. Dredge in seasoned flour…


…fry in a hot pan with some oil…


…until done (in this case kids, so some of these are rather well done).


Mushrooms (and beer) on the side…


…and an egg on top. Nom.

* We were surprised to hear contestants on So you think you can cook pronounce it “wor-sez-tuhr-shur-shire”. Erm, no.





This is a C1166 Pulse Tetrode made by English Electric, who also made transistors. Good for switching 17 500 volts at 15 amps. But only for 1 microsecond every 1 millisecond (1T4 and AA battery for scale).

The filament alone needs almost 60 watts (9 amps at 6.3 volts).

Quite useless unless one wants to build a glowbug radar or something. But quite marvelous in a way.

Back in 1935, Charles Garrett built a carburetor that allowed a standard car engine to run on water.

The patents were immediately bought by the fuel companies and put on the shelf next to the Pogue carburetor and the Oglemobile.

I wonder what they’re going to do about these fellows making fuel from water using solar power?


*ring* *ring*

“Hello, Crazy Mo’s pizza place, how may we help you?”

“Well we’d like *yadda* *yadda* *yadda* *yadda* and a mac & cheese”

“Would you like the mac & cheese with penne or tagliatelle?”

*blink*   *blink*


I’m trying to register on the Old Mutual website.

Using a password with lower case letters and numbers:


OK, let’s up the security on the password generator and use a password with upper case and punctuation:


That’s a first.

Where four fellows drive 900 kilometers on a quest for free-range hormone-free meat, forget their first-night braaivleis in the farmer’s deep freeze, and end up on the back of a bakkie with a spotlight and a shotgun looking for another source of protein.

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From OMNI magazine, somewhere in the eighties. Recently rediscovered and scanned.


The bible gives us 70 years.  Anything more is a bonus.

Unfortunately Andre Roussimof’s more than 200 kilos, 7’4″ body was never destined to make it that far. He died back in 1993.

He would have turned 70 today.


We were invited for three nights at Boulders Lodge, but Tanya couldn’t get more leave, so we had to leave on the Sunday, see how far we could get, and then complete the drive home on Monday (which was a public holiday, “Family Day” aka Easter Monday).

So we left as early as possible, which gave us the road and this pack of hyenas all to ourselves.


It was still pretty dark, as you can see. Tanya’s camera coped better than mine.




Down the H1-5 we found a clump of cars, people pointing. Three lionesses, although we can only really claim seeing two.


About 300m from the road.


I spotted the likkewaan crossing the road, made a quick U-turn so that Tanya could get pictures.

The southern part of the Kruger is cat country. Saw this male lion under a tree.



And a bit further on, an unknown number of females and cubs. We didn’t stop for long, the road ahead was calling.


This is the tiniest little elephant ever. Must be very very new.

And from there it was pretty uneventful. Left Malelane gate around 14:00, drove straight past Hananja on the way back (it was dark already) and got to Bloemfontein at around 23:00. Booked into the Sun 1 (the hotel formerly known as Formula 1) which is inexpensive and more than adequate most times (this time, the water was fine the evening but cold when we got up at 06:00, so I skipped the morning shower and we hit the road).

Got home late-ish Monday afternoon. All’s well what ends well and all of that.


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