Someone who looks at a picture like this one

and comments

Finger off the trigger tsk tsk :)

shall henceforth be known as a gunorak.


If you wear camo and sit very quietly in the shade of a bush you can get to see interesting things.

See it? Lemme zoom in a bit for you.

I sat watching this fellow as he was making a beeline pretty much straight for me.

This is a split second after he saw me (the camo in the foreground is me). Changed his mind pretty quickly and made for the hills.

And the evening I had to eat a gemmerkoekie* as punishment for not shooting the blighter. Because there are two problem animals that get shot on sight on farms, jackal** and caracal***.

Why didn’t I shoot? The gemsbok were just behind that ridge ahead of me, and I was seriously considering changing my priority from kudu to gemsbok. That ended up not happening and I walked-and-surprised**** a nice young kudu bull the next day. So all turned out well.

* “gemmerkoekie” = ginger biscuit. But laced with Stroh rum. I like Stroh rum. This is a game I play to lose.

** Black-backed jackal, known as “rooijakkals” or red jackal in Afrikaans. The little bat-eared foxes and silver foxes are also “jakkals” in Afrikaans but you don’t shoot those.

*** I don’t think I’ll ever be able to shoot a caracal. And of course the african wild cat is rightly so a no-shoot.

**** You don’t walk-and-stalk a kudu. You walk-and-surprise it. It will see you before you see it, if you’re moving, and it won’t stay around for too long. And once they’re gone, they are gone. Over the mountain, down the other side, over the next mountain, and still going strong, while you’re still trying to find your second wind.

… I still think it’s a bloody good movie.

Here’s an interview for you.

The final act of ‘Top Secret!’ spoofs ‘The Blue Lagoon,’ a 1980 film starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins — a film that was the ninth highest grossing film of 1980, but hasn’t retained a strong presence in popular culture today. Despite the disparity of their original box office totals, today ‘Top Secret!’ is a more popular film than “The Blue Lagoon.’


A stealthie is a selfie…

… taken while wearing camo. So sayeth Tamsyn.

Note to self. If your pants are too short, and you don’t put suntan lotion on your shins, you will regret it later.

Father and Child Hunt, Richmond, April 2014.

As always, it was fun.




They’re making a TV version of Fred Pohl’s Gateway, otherwise known as the Heechee Saga.

I grew up on this stuff.

I sure hope they don’t stuff it up.

(H/T Scott)

Joan Atwell, courtesy of the googles.




From Borepatch.

Maybe some clarification required. The traditional New Orleans Funeral with Music consists of two parts. It starts with a somber procession to the cemetery, transporting the Guest of Honour to the planting* ceremony, followed by a helluva big party on the way back.

Just a Closer Walk with Thee comes in two parts, one suited for the mourning and one suited for the party. Google will give you plenty versions of it, the one I’ve always liked is by The Preservation Hall Jazz Band — I might even prefer (blasphemy!)  (the jury is still out) the second half to that of Clapton et al. Not that it matters, these guys are stunningly good.

Of course Tanya hates it :-)

* In reality, tradition tends to favour above-ground tombs in New Orleans, because water table.

The Adaptive Curmudgeon, phoning home:


Mrs. Curmudgeon: “I’ve told you to switch to decaf.”

Me: “I HAVE! I’m in Starbucks, surrounded by hipster dipshits, and I’m drinking decaf!”

Mrs. Curmudgeon: “Oh my God! Are you OK?”

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6.


The Hobbit / Smaug. You can sit watching it and shout “Never Happened!” all. the. damn. time. and you’d be right more often than not.

OK, you also need “no FSCKING WAY!”, especially when barrels are involved. But impossible as it is, that also Never Happened.

Dayumn. There’s a book. And there’s a movie. And there’s a correlation with the name and most many of the characters.

Hell no.


(And is it just me or did they skimp on the CGI? Some of those wargs reminded me of Apple ][ games, just a bit)






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