November 2016


My father always said that we should put his ashes in two clay bowls, put them on the rocks at low tide, wait for the tide to come and go, and then to go collect the bowls and serve chips and peanuts in them.

Sunday the 13th would have been his birthday, so that’s the date we chose.




Low tide.


And high tide. It got a bit rough.


The sea took the ashes, but the sea also took the bowls. This is all I managed to recover. Not going to serve a whole lot of peanuts in that :-)

Dewey defeats Truman

In 1948 the Chicago Tribune was so confident of election results that they printed the newspaper the night before and went to bed early.


Hey, maybe I‘m jumping the gun here, but the New York Times has Trump at >95% right now and that can’t be easy for them of all people.