Being the second of two completely coincidentally very similar recipes.

Still the same eland shin, defrosted in water.

The recipe is from Perry’s Plate. For this one I used some stock I made a while ago, using quite a lot of green and yellow bell peppers. And I used cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips.

Again, I had to reduce the sauce at the end. I’m still a bit nervous about the slow cooker boiling dry (which I’m pretty sure it won’t) so I add too much liquid as a rule.

Being the first of two completely coincidentally very similar recipes.

The basis for all of this is some eland shin (skenkel), off the bone. I bought half an eland cow from a friend, and while having a freezer full of eland is a Good Thing (TM), we also have to eat most of it before I can fit some gemsbok in there.

To defrost the meat, I soaked in in water (with a bit of vinegar added) for 24 hours. This draws out the blood, makes the meat less “wild” apparently. Then I basically followed the standard recipe,  i.e. dusted the cubed meat in flour, browned it in the black pot, stuck it in the slow cooker along with tomatoes and a bit of chili and spices and Worcestershire and so forth, and let it go all day on low.

Got home, diced some potatoes quite small, separated the sauce with a slotty spoon and boiled the potatoes in the sauce until done, then recombined the whole lot. I might have added some Maizena too.