TCB141 – 2014-08-29: KTMead — mead using the quick recipe, 5L of water, Belle Saison yeast, and way too much honey. OG 1.14. KTM filtered to about 7L with OG 1.07. Repitched. 2014-09-30: still bubbling away. Racked to secondary 2014-10-11. Bottled 2014-10-19 at 1.000 or maybe even 0.999 for 9.3% ABV. PH = 3.5 for what it’s worth (I bought some strips). I also mixed in about 4 teaspoons sugar into 1.5 litres of the mead and bottled that under crown caps to see if I get sparkling mead.

TCB142 – 2014-08-30: Beerlabs All Day IPA partial mash. OG 1.056. Took 48 hours to start fermenting. Bottled 2014-09-07 at FG=1.022(!). Started drinking it 2014-09-23, this is really excellent stuff [Attenuation 50%, ABV 4.4%].

TCB143 – 2014-10-04: Beerlabs Oatmeal Stout. OG 1.068 (1.067@27C). Brewed this one according to the recipe, they give an OG of 1.052. Started bubbling within an hour or two. Mostly stopped bubbling by end-of-day 2014-10-06. Bottled 25 x 750 ml + 1 x 375 ml 2014-10-11 @ 1.038. It’s supposed to be 1.014. I relaxed and had some homebrew (figuring that the extra 16 points of OG added to the target FG is 1.030 which is not that far from 1.038. Who knows) [Attenuation 36%, ABV 3.9%. I suspect I need to aerate my wort ].

TCB144 – 2014-10-04: Beerlabs All Day IPA. OG 1.053 (1.052@25C). Recipe calls for 1.059. Instead of 15g Simcoe 1 minute before end of boil, I added 10g Simcoe and 10g Amarillo at 5 minutes and 5g Simcoe and 5g Amarillo at 0. Started bubbling around mid day 2014-10-06. Looks like 48 hours is about right for this one to start fermenting. 2014-10-25 still bubbling slowly, figured I should bottle. Bottled 12 x 750 + 11 x 660 + 1 x 500 = 16.5 liters.  FG=1.020. PH=4.5. Attenuation 50%, ABV 4.25%. 2014-12-02: the low attenuation came back and bit me. Two bottle bombs.

TCB145 – 2014-10-25: Added 2 x Ceres juice to the yeast cake from TCB144. Started bubbling within a few hours. This means that Ceres juice does not have all the nasty preservatives that makes it impossible to ferment. Bottled 3 x 500ml 2014-11-01. Smells manky, will see how it matures.

TCB146 – 2014-10-26. Arrogant Bastard partial mash clone, using substitutions based on what I could get. 2 kg Pale, 250g each of Abbey, Caraamber, Caraaroma and Caramunich. 30g Chinook 60 min, 30g Chinook 45 min, 40g Chinook 2 min for ~95 IBU. LME added late (10 min). Lallemand Nottingham Ale yeast. OG 1.055. Bottled 24 x 750 + 1 x 660 at FG=1.020 2014-11-02. 4.6% ABV.

TCB147 – 2014-12-06. Same as TCB146, but with 3kg Pale. This taxed my sparging effort, extraction was low. 15g Chinook at 60min (measurement error), 45g at  45min, 40g at 2min. SG 1.084. This time I figured I’ll get attenuation if it kills me, so I added servomyces at 10min and 1/2 tsp DAP before pitching Mauribrew 514. Bubbling started about two hours after pitching. By 2014-12-11 fermentation had stopped so I dry hopped in the primary with 30g Amarillo and 30g Chinook. Bottled 18×750 on 2014-12-16 at 1.030. Slightly up on attenuation but still not where I want it to be. The resulting beer is nicely hoppy but also overly malty — I suspect because of the problems with sparging. Very close to Triggerfish Titan, even if I say so myself.

TCB151 – 2015-08-22. Jasper’s Bohemian Pilsner. This is an all-grain, and I ran out of pot space for boiling, so the final batch turned out at around 16l. Racked to secondary 2015-08-29 at 1.016. Dry hopped with 15g Saaz. Bottled 2015-09-20, 21 bottles, 1.009-ish.

TCB152 – 2015-08-23. Yet another go at my slowly evolving IPA. 3kg Pale, only one x 1.4 kg LME added late. Dry hopped 2015-08-29, added an oak stave. Bottled 18 bottles 2015-09-06.

TCB181 – 2018-02-11. Moved my brewing to Gansbaai, since Cape Town is dry. 4kg Pale, 250gr each Abbey, Caraamber, Caraaroma and Caramunich. I had 10g Chinook left so that went in at 60 minutes, with about (I had no scale at Gansbaai) 20g Newport following it at 45 minutes, finishing with 20g each Citra and Lemondrop at 5 minutes. Irish Moss, Servomyces, DAP, 1kg DME, Safale S-04. Fermentation started up like a rocket (next time I think I should transport the cooled wort home and then add the yeast). End-of-boil volume was 14 liters at 1.084 topped up to 24-ish liters at around 1.048.


How to brew a better IPA.

Hops Substitution Chart.

Jasper’s Recipes.

Partigyle, Hard Cider, Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead, Cooler Mash Tun.

Sourdough spent grain bread.

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