May 2010

Forever young.

Fsck me, all these old people are my age!


So we went to the Alphaville / Spandau Ballet concert at the Grand West Grand Arena last night.

This is the view from the Q row (hint: there are no R, S or T rows).

Being far away was good, because… it was loud. I want a hi-fi like that. Alphaville was great, lots of good loud noise and stuph. And strobes have certainly improved since the eighties, these must draw the power of a small third world country each.

Spandau Ballet? zzzzzzz. I mean, a very nicely put together show, video footage from waybackwhen, very well done but… it’s still Spandau Ballet :-)  OK, Barricades was great, but the rest was just a variation on the theme. Pick a line, sing it N times, cue a sax solo, sing the line a few more times, end of song.

Maybe I’m just not a Spandau Ballet fan (I’m not. I was there for Alphaville)

Down in the mosh pit golden circle the glow of cellphones has pretty much replaced the traditional cigarette lighter (although a few lighters did come out for Forever Young). In our day you had to smuggle a recording Walkman in to make bootlegs.

Next up: Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Wishbone Ash, on the first. If I can get the damn Computicket site to work right. Right now, it shows either “fully booked” or “no space available” — last night’s show was far from full, so I don’t believe that.