May 2012

I haz a sad.

I miss my* crazy cat.

But he just got impossible to live with.

I won’t miss his peeing on everything or his crazy noises at all times.

But my lap is empty and cold.

* Tanya rescued him. It should have been her cat. But in the end we both got banished to the garage, so he became “my” cat. OK, he also sat on my lap and hardly ever tried to chew my face off, we had an understanding like that.


It’s not as sinister as it looks. Dealer sorted out the problem in one day.

But I thought it might cue discussions of the “Now we know why people don’t talk about Glocks giving trouble” type.

A rainy Sunday…

Spent sorting bullets.

Over 60 kilograms of .434 bullets

Being sorted by weight.

It’s going to take a while, there are more than 3 700 bullets there…