Played my first game of Castle Wolfenstein in … 25 years? tonight. Got to the third floor. I am not as good as I used to be.

Also played a game of Lode Runner. Yup, not nearly as good as I used to be.

Then again, I played Lode Runner to the point where I went to bed with a book and was trying to find paths between the words and sentences on the page… yea, I was a bit obsessed.


The bible gives us 70 years.  Anything more is a bonus.

Unfortunately Andre Roussimof’s more than 200 kilos, 7’4″ body was never destined to make it that far. He died back in 1993.

He would have turned 70 today.


1939-11-13 to 2016-03-10


I like this photograph I took back in November. Having put us through school as a professional photographer, he was very comfortable behind a camera.



We have at least one copy of everything Sir Pterry ever wrote. At least one, because both Tanya and I were fans long before we met, and the libraries merged.

I discovered Discworld when The Colour of Magic hit paperback, back in ’85 or so. Been hooked since. Re-read the whole thing recently, it’s so obvious that while the author really wants to write parody, the Discworld keeps forcing him back into Being Serious.  And that’s the thing. While Discworld is light-hearted, the issues are serious. You can read right over all of that without skipping a beat, or you can take your time and realise that real issues are being addressed.

*Sigh* I guess we sort of expected him to be Cohen the Barbarian, so adept at surviving that nothing can kill him.



I’m not going to try to explain the recent hiatus, instead I will use a device favoured by SA government spokesdroids and claim that the matter is Sub Judice.


So instead, here’s a rabbit hole for y’all. Just keep clicking “next page in section”. (And for the record, I got there searching for “yehudi”. If you can tell, from that, what I was reading, you win the free brain transplant).