New toys

Orms was advertising Canon 100D bodies for R3 795*. I wasted no time to get one (should have snagged three). They also had a number of second-hand  EF 70-300mm 4-5.6 IS lenses, priced from R3 800 to R5 000. All rated “80%”. I took the R3 800 one.

And then I chanced upon an EF 50mm f1.8nifty fifty” on Gumtree for R1 200. I had to get it mailed down from Pretoria, which cost me an extra R100, but that’s how it is. It allows me to do things like this.


Available light, 1/80 at f 4.0, ISO 4000. Lightroomed to bring the eyes out a bit, here’s a strip at original resolution and no processing.



Toothless the black cat, however, is still impossible to photograph.

  • I suspect this was a typo, because the next week they had these same bodies on special for over R5 000.