RIP Vernor Vinge

As it is I’m halfway through _A Fire Upon the Deep_ at the moment. For some strange reason it reminds me of _The Sparrow_, maybe just because of the strangeness of the alien races depicted.

I remember really enjoyed _Peace War_ long long ago.



Wetter than ever before

We’re still expecting a bit more rain this year (it’s raining at the moment) and we’ve already received more rain this year than at this time in the past 42 years.

Look at that graph. At least three places where the slope is pushing 90 degrees.

It’s official. It pissed down this past winter.

There is nothing as permanent as a temporary emergency*


On 15 March 2020 President Ramaphosa declared a State of Disaster. He has just renewed it, officially into the third year.

The State of Disaster gives Government the right to make rules as they seem fit, and we went into lockdown from March 26, supposedly for 21 days — three weeks.

President Ramaphosa on Monday (23/03) announced the lockdown in South Africa for 21 days from March 26 to April 16, 2020, to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Yea, right. It lasted into May, when they eased it a little bit, but parts of it are still with us, two years later. And here we are. They’re not letting go of that sweet, sweet power.

There is obviously still some money left to steal.

* Robert A. Heinlein, The Man Who Sold the Moon.

New Look!

I have nothing against the “Ultraviolet” theme I’ve been using for years.

But it’s not phone-friendly :-(

So now you get “Blogstream”.

Artificial Dumbfsckery

The good: Here I am in Slovenia after an absence of more than two years. Yay!

The unexplicable: Rather than not doing anything, Facebook’s script kiddies wrote code to extract my IP address, feed it through a database to determine my location, and decided to translate my notifications to Slovenian, undoubtedly to show me and the world how brilliant they are.

Look dudes, dropping R10k on a return ticket to Ljubljana does not make one suddenly speak Slovenian.


Larry Correia nails it


So to take everyone’s minds off the worst foreign policy disaster in most of our lifetimes, the Potato in Chief today urged employers to mandate that all their employees be vaccinated (and I suppose fire them if they don’t comply).

Look, I am vaccinated. I like vaccines. I’ve rarely commented on the vax thing because it’s your health decisions and none of my damned business (though I have commented on masks because I think they’re pointless and stupid, but if you want to wear one fine, just leave me alone when I don’t) but as far as employers mandating what their employees do as far as their personal health decisions? Fuck off and die. It’s none of your damned business.

It’s disgusting how the same assholes who are all My Body My Choice when it comes to ending the life of a baby are totally cool with Your Body Our Choice when it comes to a health topic that’s currently got them whipped into a frenzy. These fuckers are not particularly good at moral consistency.

It’s the same vapid useless assholes who were all “Punch a Nazi” last year, who’ve gone Full Gestapo over Covid now.

Ironically, these same smug assholes keep acting like this is a partisan thing, and the only people who aren’t getting vaccinated are “Magats” who just want to “make Joe Biden fail” (saw that on another author’s page this morning, and that author deleted the thread rather than fight with the bullies, because he’s not suited for fighting with all the morons on the internet like I am, which I can respect).

Except in reality vaccine hesitancy is a bipartisan issue, all the surveys show it is across the board, and it’s really telling when even in one of the bluest cities in America, New York’s vaccine passports are inordinately fucking over blacks and hispanics (and even their percentage of white people who are vaccinated is surprisingly low).

These same motherfuckers who see racism behind every tree, who think black people are too stupid to get IDs to vote, are totally cool with not letting minorities go shopping or have jobs. I wish that dosage of hypocrisy was lethal.

Holy shit I hate American leftism. It is the stupidest bumblefuck religion masquerading as a philosophy ever. If I put the shit they do now in a book a few years ago, I’d have been told it was too unrealistic. Nope. Just wait a couple of years and the stupidest thing you can think of they’ll be gas lighting all of us that it’s always been that way and we just never noticed.

Also, if we wanted to watch Joe Biden fail, all we’d have to do is pay attention to current events. The dumbest motherfuckers in the world (the US news media) have even clued in on how bad things are this week, which is pretty telling, because those assholes can spin anything.

The real reason so many people are hesitant to do what the “experts” are telling them to do is because said experts have fucked up quite literally everything, lie continually about every topic, and never ever get held accountable for it. Regular America has lost faith in every single entity that’s supposed to keep them informed, and those entities deserve it, because they fucking suck.

But that’s okay. I’m sure if you smug fucks yell at the general populace some more, they’ll come around. If you tell them they’re stupid a few hundred more times, they’ll suddenly change their minds and start agreeing with you.

Oh wait… My bad. I was talking like leftists actually care about positive outcomes. Silly me. They don’t. They only care about being smug bullies and acting superior to everyone else (which considering what miserable failures at life they usually are you can see why they jump at the opportunity while they have it).

They don’t actually give a shit about diseases, they just like being able to boss people around. If they actually cared about diseases they’d personally act like it, but instead they’re all having dinner parties where only the help are masked, or birthday celebrations with their 500 closest friends, or going to giant concerts, (and don’t forget BLM protests are safe!) but you’re not allowed to have a job or go to church, you dirty proles. It’s okay, it’s because they’re more sophisticated than you are.

But anyways, spare me your stupid arguments either pro or anti vax in the comments. If I see any more virtue signaling bullshit from either side I’m gonna barf. Just shut the fuck up already. Nobody cares. Everybody has made their decisions already. And we’re all aware that you’ve made this topic your entire personality, and wish you’d pick a new key on the keyboard to bang away at for a while because you’re fucking boring.

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