21 Years ago, one man with a gun made a difference.

Having a gun, even an inexpensive ineffective low-capacity 38 Special snubnosed revolver, is better than not having a gun at all.


Oleg nails it.

We’re slightly behind on that curve out here in South Africa, except there’s more graft involved.



Johannesburg – The Jaguar XF driver who crashed into a house in Lyttelton this week has been given a written warning, Pretoria police said on Friday.

The answer, of course, is that they think they can get away with it forever.

One set of rules for “them”, another set of rules for the servants who pay their taxes so dutifully.

The more important question is whether the servants will allow them to continue operating like this. Because that will determine whether this country flourishes or goes to shit like so many other African countries.