Ten miles beyond hell…

…where the Devil couldn’t get for stinging nettles (Whoever was responsible for developing the Opel Astra Classic rear brakes, that would be).

You see, Opel G cars come with rear brake calipers from either Bosch (I think) or Lucas. The former being much more common.

Of course the pads that fit the one caliper are almost but not quite entirely unlike the pads that fit the other.


For your edification.  The pad on the left is what they’ll give you if you mosey on down to Goldwagen and say “brake pads, Opel Astra Classic”.

The one on the right is what you want if you have Lucas calipers. This will entail printing out above picture (because the sample has to go back in the car so that Tanya can get to work) and taking it to Masterparts, then waiting for half an hour while the fellow finds the right thing.

Don’t ask me how I know.

Another tip: don’t believe the manual when it tells you to line up some indent with some boss when compressing the piston back into the caliper. Apply force with a G-clamp and turn the pistol with a waterpomp tang.