This is the kind of thing I get up to when I’m home alone.


I had some leftover puff pastry, lots of eggs, and a tub of cream a week past its expiry date but! still good!

Started with half a kilo of spicy sausage, skinned, fried, with a coarsely chopped onion. Added to this some tomato, spices, and about half a cup of three chili chutney. While this is cooling down, blind bake the crust. Beat four eggs, add cream, mix with meat. Cheese. Don’t forget the cheese. Pour into crust.

Some people sprinkle flour on the crust before pouring the sauce in. It’s supposed to keep the crust dry or something. I did. Worked for me.

Bake until it looks OK (180 for 20 minutes worked for me).


Almost perfect (It needs bacon. With bacon, it would have been perfect. Everything’s perfect with bacon :-)

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  1. Jim — 2010-06-21 @ 14:15

    That looks good, and the recipe moves meto rethink my hostility toward the metric system. “…half a kilo” of sausage sounds much more prudent and healthy that “a little over a pound.” :)

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