Wiring the master bathroom

So after finishing (most of) the plumbing, I turned to wiring the new bathroom (unlike the plumbing, fortunately, only the kitchen and the new master bedroom / bathroom needs extra wiring).

Now in the bathroom we have an alcove where the doorway used to be. We’ll have some glass shelves there, and downlighters. We also have Tanya’s crystal light, which doesn’t really give much light, more like mood lighting with candles and with the main light off.

The main light, of course, needs to be controlled from outside the bathroom. But it would be nice to turn the main light off and the mood lighting on from inside.

My solution is to fit a two way circuit for the main lights, with one switch outside (by the doorway into the MBR) and the other switch next to the door to the outside world. The switch for Tanya’s light then goes next to the door as well. And the downlighters go on the same circuit as the main lights.

OK, all of this sounds terribly confusing, and the wiring is also rather… complicated. Especially since the best way to hide the wire for the downlighters is to take it from the switch up into the ceiling, around to the other switch, then down, under the bath, and up the height of the old doorway… yes, this is the easy way… trust me.