As Orthodox Browningites, we set off to the range with a bunch of guns, most importantly my M1900 and M1911A1.

Julia shooting the M1900, and on the right the best I could do, six shots at 10m standing.

42 shots at 10m standing. Yea, I should be able to do better.

This gentleman was shooting his Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless.

Kalashnikitty T-shirts from Eric via Kevin’s blog.

2 Comments to “Celebrating Browning”

  1. Julia — 2011-01-25 @ 11:57


  2. Jim — 2011-03-18 @ 14:11

    As a Yankee Luddite it took me a second to determine that 10 meters is a little over 33 feet in real money. :)

    That said, there is nothing to criticize in your 1911A1 grouping, even if you don’t allow for five magazine changes. And the 1900 spread is well within minute-of-thug, which is what the Sainted John had in mind.

    Looks to me like a very pleasant day at the range.

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