So I walked into a voodoo shop and was immediately transported to Hillbrow late eighties.

Smells evoke the strongest memories.

And I still have no idea what that incence is called.

New Orleans is dirtier than I thought it would be, this is after all a first world country. In many respects the 3 months 3 years comment that popped up recently is accurate.

Royal street is great. One street up, Bourbon street is sif. In daytime, that is. Right now, going for midnight, it’s rocking. Including guys in G strings dancing on tables. If it were girls, I wouldn’t have been here blogging.

Accommodation is good. A bit far from town, but affordable. Read the disclaimer. It’s all good.

Weather is batshit insane. 34 – 36C, with just over 50% humidity. We’re melting.

Did the swamp tour, very good guide, saw a few small alligators and quite a bit of swamp. Got takeaways from Verti Marte. Did the lunchtime cruise on the Steamboat Natches, took the ferry to Algiers and had Po’ Boys at the Drydock, shopped around some more, came back and had a shower, then Tanya and I headed out again, found the shops on North Peters Street (recommended) and went to the Gumbo Shop on St Peters Street (runs at almost 90 degrees to North Peters Street). There was a queue at the door. The place half a block down was 80% empty. This alone should tell you something.

Anyways. The Gumbo Shop sells appetiser size portions which is great if you’re not-so-hungry. Had the seafood gumbo, the chicken gumbo, the jambalaya, and the smothered turnip greens and garlic mashed potato sides. Came to $40 with two beers, a glass of Australian bubbly. Highly recommended.