I found this forgotten picture on my cellphone. Took it in Los Angeles in June.

This is 1.75 liters of Jim, normal selling price $23, special price unfortunately not in the frame (you do need to be some type of cardholder member for the special price).

$23 is R180 to R200, depending on what the exchange rate is doing. For that, I can get 750ml of Jim locally.


2 Comments to “Enough to make you cry”

  1. Jim — 2011-11-22 @ 18:53

    That’s a lot of Rand for Beam.

    As little as I know about your domestic politics, I have the impression that your politicians are as anxious as ours to supertax every small human pleasure. So i naturally wonder how much of the 200 Rand is earned by honest distillers and merchants and how much is government skim. To control “sin,” of course.

  2. wrm — 2011-11-22 @ 22:05

    Aaah yes, customs and excise. The only profitable part of government.

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