This is Ralf Gebert of Truvelo. I worked for him, briefly, back in… 1988 or thereabouts — holiday work when I was studying. That’s before they started building these toys.

The top rifle is a 50 BMG (although  everyone at this show calls it 12,7 x 99 mm) and the bottom two are babies — 308 Winchester and 338 Lapua.

I’d like me some of these but (1) expensive (2) what do I use it for stupid question (2) expensive.

But nice.

The biggest rifle on display, in 20 x 110 mm Hispano. Longer than the Solothurn (20 x 105 mm), shorter than the Lahti (20 x 138 mm) (for UC fans).

This would take some serious explaining to CFR to get a licence. I don’t like saying impossible, but in this case the word is probably appropriate.