The National Energy Regulator, NERSA, is holding public hearings on why Eskom should not more than double the cost of electricity in the next five years*. If anybody’s input is taken seriously, that would be a first for these kind of things**… or maybe I’m just cynical.

The difference between rich and poor, between developed and developing, is the availability of inexpensive energy. A kilowatt-hour is the same amount of work as a hard days labor by an adult. We’re rich because we have (or at least had) access to the hardworking servants of inexpensive energy. We have inexpensive electrical and mechanical slaves to do our work for us.


H/T to Claire.

* Because somewhere after 1994 they decided that maintenance was not as important as shiny new BMWs, so that got pushed out a bit until the system started breaking, and now they have to work overtime to catch up to where we were.

** There is a requirement for public consultation in all processes like this. There is however no requirement for actually taking said consultation seriously.

3 Comments to “Willis Eschenbach nails it”

  1. Jim — 2013-01-16 @ 15:21

    No requirement that citizen opinion be taken seriously? My my.

    Sort of reminds me of the current gun control debate over here in the other former colony. Our president insists that his lectures and demands constitute a “discussion.”

  2. Poptech — 2013-10-18 @ 04:42

    You may find this interesting,

    Who is Willis Eschenbach?

    As of 2012 Mr. Eschenbach has been employed as a House Carpenter.

    He is not a “computer modeler”, he is not an “engineer” and he is certainly not a “scientist” (despite all ridiculous claims to the contrary).

    “A final question, one asked on Judith Curry’s blog a year ago by a real scientist, Willis Eschenbach…”

  3. wrm — 2013-10-20 @ 07:18

    Methinks Poptech doth protest too much.

    I think the quote I posted is gospel.

    And it won’t be the first time a Carpenter spoke a Gospel Truth :-)

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