This Toyota bakkie is called “die Blou Nier” (the Blue Kidney). Gert is the fellow who drives it, and he drives it well.

Spend a day on the back, out in the dunes, and you will see where the name comes from.

The Blou Nier, BTW, had 750 000 km on the clock when the speedo broke. So nobody really knows how far it’s gone. And they don’t keep easy roads out in the Kalahari.

Cut line for sensitive viewers — we were not there to buy meat at the Pick & Pay.

Yea I know. Camo. On the back of the bakkie. It’s our hunting clothes, OK? It’s the kit we don’t wear anywhere else, so we don’t care if it gets messy.

I shot three gemsbuck, two for myself and one on behalf of one of the other fellows who had rifle issues.

My two weighed 156 kilos on the hooks at the butchery, and got turned into 18.7 kilos steaks, 16.5 kilos “potjie meat”, almost 26 kilos of meat for making biltong, 20 kilos mince, 24 kilos (224 individual) hamburger patties, 29 kilos wors, and 15 kilos cheese grillers.

Not that this is cheap. Excluding traveling over 1000 km to get there and the same back again, excluding S&T, excluding copious amounts of beer :-) … The buck go for R3500 each and the processing was a further R3000, so the meat listed above cost me R10 000, for an average of about R70 per kilo. No savings here, but also no hormones,  no antibiotics… this is good meat.

Lunch, under a tree in the middle of nowhere. Good times.