Budapest (Part 1, pic heavy)

Random stuff, in no particular order.

That’s where we stayed, on Fö utca. The Batthyány tér metro station is on the right hand side of the photograph.

The M3 metro line is the deepest of the lot, since it runs under the river (M1, the second oldest metro line in the world, runs just under Andrassi út).

Google Maps tells me that this was originally the tombstone of Lujza Blaha. That’s why the shepherd playing the flute is so sad, and that’s why the first line of Sándor Petőfi’s poem “SAD BRANCH OF MY LITTLE FLUTE” can be read on the side (“Kis furulyám szomorúfűz ága”).

When the Danube river flooded in 1938 Baron Wesselenyi saved lots of people using a boat he had floating around.

(Yea, the grafitti sucks)

This is the monument to Carl Lutz, who saved an estimated 60 thousand Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust.

“Whoever saves a life is considered to have saved an entire world”.

Statue to the anonymous dude who wrote La Gesta Hungarorum / The Deeds of the Hungarians.