Deb posted a recipe that looked interesting. So I mooshed everything together, stuck it in the fridge, stuck it in the oven the next morning.

Tanya took one look at this, said “This is not French toast, it’s bread and butter pudding… I don’t like bread and butter pudding!”

Now, to be fair, this recipe does more resemble bread & butter pudding than the traditional savoury French toast we’re used to — I’ll have to try it again, in savoury mode.

2 Comments to “Curmudgeon-ette”

  1. Tanya — 2008-12-08 @ 13:56

    For the record… I’m not fussy! (He made it with Olive bread, I mean really)…. Jessica thought it was great.. but she’s vegetarian.

  2. Pieter — 2008-12-09 @ 09:33

    Are you implying that vegetarians have no taste?

    Our vegetarian friends who visited for the weekend left last night and when they went out the front door I went out the back door. I think by the time their car was started the fire was burning. Meat and potatoes – hmmmmm!!

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