Excuse me while I rant. Maybe I don’t get it. Or maybe things are different where these people live.

The word of the day is “flexitarian“. This, apparently, is a vegetarian who also eats meat.

[Long rant deleted, because I cannot put my total bewilderment into words].

4 Comments to “The stupidest concept I’ve heard of.”

  1. Jennifer — 2008-12-19 @ 21:15

    As a vegetarian who NEVER eats meat… that’s not a vegetarian! That’s my HUSBAND! And no, he doesn’t call himself a vegetarian OR a flexitarian. He calls himself a “Terrific Meatitarian” because he only eats meat when it’s terrific! (Which means good restaurants mostly).

    Anyway, that’s a ridiculous name for what sounds like someone simply eating normally.

  2. Jennifer — 2008-12-19 @ 21:16

    I should mention that my husband is completely joking when he “labels” himself and is not actually serious.

  3. Gene — 2008-12-20 @ 05:20

    Indeed. Vegetarian who also eats meet != vegetarian. Of course, it’s better they’re eating less meat, but…huh?

    My favorite quote:
    “I find that nobody ever gives me a hard time when I say I usually eat vegetarian. But I really like sausage,” Pugh said.
    Clearly she’s never seen how sausage is made. Urgh!

  4. wrm — 2008-12-20 @ 22:22

    Exactly. I mean, I lived “vegetarian” for a few years (my ex was in a phase). I would eat a steak now and then… does that now suddenly make me not-an-omnivore any more? And if so, exactly where is the line? Can I have cornflakes for breakfast without losing my omnivore status to flexitarianism?

    (Don’t mind me, I’m still boggled out by the concept :-)

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