So we’re watching TV and Tanya goes “Isn’t that a snake”. Check the TV, no, it’s an AR-15, although, it being TV, it’s the fully automatic version with the 1000 round magazi… oh you mean that thing the cat’s playing with?

Stuck it in a jar, released it on Boyes drive this morning.

5 Comments to “Look what the cat dragged in.”

  1. Gaby — 2009-02-19 @ 16:39

    It is a blind mole snake….
    isn’t it?

  2. wrm — 2009-02-20 @ 09:00

    I have no idea… it has a very blunt tail, if that’s a clue? Could also of course just mean that it’s encountered cats before.

  3. Melissa — 2009-02-24 @ 21:03

    Mmmm AR-15. :D

    Cute snake.

  4. Viv — 2009-02-25 @ 09:10

    Come now people – looks like a little earthworm to me .. *grin*

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