His name is James and he’s been building satellites  in Surrey for more than a decade.

And he’s not really my brother, people just mistook him for that at my (first) wedding, which is pretty much when I saw him last.

Anywayz, sounds like he might be coming back to SA, but that would still put him 1500km north of me… at least I’ll see him slightly more often :-) Also, he can collect the six huge boxes of crap he stored at my place before he left.

2 Comments to “My twin brother came by for a visit”

  1. Viv — 2009-07-13 @ 10:15

    Thank goodness! One of you is more than enough, thankyouverymuch! ;p

  2. Pieter (the supposed real brother of Wouter) — 2009-07-14 @ 16:46

    Sjeez – he looks more like you than I do! Maybe a switch at birth? Would explain a lot of things …

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