OK, so I’ve now also joined the eee-crowd. By design, mostly — Tanya didn’t like the Linux part of her eeePC, so the deal was, I get her a Windoze netbook and she gives me the eee.

So I got a Dell Inspiron 910 from Digital Planet, using eBucks — didn’t have to “pay” a cent. Bargain. OK, the thing comes with not enough RAM, due to a Windows XP licencing agreement with Microsoft. But this can be fixed.

Anyway, back to the eeePC. Of course I want a full desktop on it. And of course I can’t resist fiddling with it.

With the result that I’ve had to restore factory settings with F9 / format disk / re-install Linux about four times already. At least the process is easy and elegant. I’m storing my stuff on a 1 GB SD card, but I can see a bigger card making this a useful system.