Valiant word oud. Net soos sy fans, so ons kan relate.

Anywayz, it’s still pissing down in Cape Town. Cold as well, the car thermometer read 5 degrees C going over Ou Kaapse Weg around 1800 last night. (Note to self : my “computer room” area of the garage needs an insulated ceiling).

So it’s Gluhwein time.

The last time I made Gluhwein was probably around 10 years ago, and we used those little bags of stuff that Delheim and others sold. And it wasn’t half bad.

Lacking the little bag, I googled this recipe, halved it (two bottles of wine between the two of us? I don’t think so), and it was great. Better than I remember from years ago.

So, basically :

Stick wine in pot, on very low heat. I used a simmer plate on the gas stove. (Edit, for CH : Some people add water to the pot, I didn’t. I guess it depends on how cold you’re feeling).

Since I was only using one orange, I sliced it and stuck cloves in it. I also only used one lemon, sliced, a small stick of cinnamon, about a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger, and two tablespoons honey.

You want this concoction to start steaming, but not to boil. And then keep it there for a quarter of an hour or more.

And then grab a ladle and serve.

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