Feed a cold, starve a fever?

… or is it the other way ’round? Nobody seems to be sure. I picked up a sore throat from a colleague, and working in the bloody cold (unfurnished) house in uncommonly cold (for Cape Town, it was 6 degrees in Tokai at 08:30 this morning) weather certainly doesn’t help.

I’ve always figured that it’s important to listen to your body, and right now mine is saying “feed me“, so that’s what I’m doing.

On the progress side of things, Frank’s been paving. Looking good.

I’ve been plumbing in the master bathroom, lots of work with little visible progress.

We got quotes for carpeting Jessica’s room (black-with-white-spots Superweave) as well as the living room and hall (matching colour-to-be-determined Tuscany) — just over R10K, which is about what I anticipated.

And the kitchen guys finally gave me a believable (in terms of what they think I need) quote, so I dumped R18K into their bank account, delivery (CKD, in other words, Some Assembly Required) in two weeks’ time. But that excludes the countertops and some other strategic bits I will still need.