I’m starting to think that this might have been a bad idea…

The kitchen in kit form, that is.

Good news is I found the shelves for the microwave unit, the ones I thought were missing. I also figured out how the drawers are supposed to be assembled.

Bad news is, they supplied the units that go in front of the kitchen window at the standard 720mm height (for a 900mm counter) instead of 820mm. The doors and panels are right, though. (Edit : the panels next to the dishwasher are 100mm to short too).

More bad news is, they didn’t supply the units that go under the sink, at all. They did supply the doors though.

And while they supplied the correct number (24) of doors, one is the wrong size.

And the corner cupboard front edge is not edged (covered in melamine) but I’m apparently supposed to do that myself. Met mamma se strykyster. Ek gaan gemoer raak, ek voel dit in my water. Not that they supplied the edging, nooooo, I had to go ask.

Edit : and there’s a 200mm wide unit that I’m pretty sure I didn’t get either, will double check tonight.

Took me quite a few hours of cataloguing to learn the above. Fortunately I got Julian to provide me with a full list of the doors and panels, and I made notes as to which doors and panels go where.

Tip : get them to pack each unit separately. It might cost more, but the time saved should be worth it (I still have a few drilled pieces that I have no idea where they’re supposed to go).