San Diego

0600 and I couldn’t sleep any longer. Got the hairy eyeball from Tanya. Hey, it’s a new day filled with boundless possibilities!

Mission Valley Resort is great. Sure, it’s a bit run down and we have at least one blown light bulb and one mains outlet that’s not working, but there’s also a pretty good diner, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on tap, a store that sells everything including bubbly, wine and beer, a swimming pool, and free internet. A bargain at the price, recommended.

Landed in San Diego right on time. Found the Hertz shuttle, found that they had assigned an Eclipse Spyder. Cute car for two people with one set of clean underwear between them, but it’ll never take four people comfortably.

Asked about the Mustang (seeing how I phoned from SA, making sure they knew that’s my preference, they said our luggage would never fit (one not too big suitcase, four carry-ons). I figured it would, but also realised I still have to pick up two tents and a bunch of other stuph from Phillip. Settled on the Sebring. Which comes with satnav. At $12.99 a day. But the nice lady in the dashboard helped me find the hotel so we’re friends now.

Had fun driving an automatic on the wrong side of the road at night after 27 hours in the air. Fortunately the other people on the road are good at avoiding collisions…

Had supper at the diner, a Reuben and SNPA for me, toasted cheese and fish and chips for Tanya, Tamsyn and Jessica. Slowly training Tanya to drink Cali chardonnay.

Tanya worked out she’d been without sleep for around 48 hours, so we hit the bed, hard.

So right now it’s around four in the afternoon back home, seven in the morning here, and we’re off to Balboa park.