Bunch of wuss-esses

Get all sunburnt and footsore at four in the afternoon. ‘cmon, the museums are open ’till five!

Balboa Park zoo is magnificent. Definitely worth it.

The Natural Sciences Museum is well thought out, well laid out, damn interesting, but IMO not that interesting. Kids enjoyed it, so hey.

Aerospace Museum is, like last time, great. This time they also have one of the Apollo crew capsules on display. Three people went to the moon and back in that thing. Dayumn. The rest of the NASA display is not worth the surcharge, I don’t think.

I was still game for a visit to the automotive museum, but the wuss-esses they were not. Headed to the car via the carousel which is fluppin gorgeous.

Hit the corner store for beer and bubbly. The beer is good :-)