Poppet* guided us to the airport, where there’s expensive burgers ($9.95, good though) and beer ($6, SNPA, very good).

There’s also 45 minutes free internet.

Spent yesterday touring the town, L Caravelle to Chinatown, walked down to the waterfront, had lunch, took photographs of Alcatraz and the sea lions, bought huge surprisingly nice strawberries with chocolate sauce for dipping, went to the Musee Mecanique which has gorgeous gorgeous player pianos, including a Wurlitzer I sooo WANT, stood in a one hour queue to get on the cable car back to Market street, and took the L Caravelle back home.

Drove into town early this morning, Poppet took us past the Golden Gate bridge, but we were in a hurry. Eventually found some parking, went back to Chinatown to find a handbag Jessica saw yesterday, and a bloody huge bag to stuff four sleeping bags and three pillows into.

Back to the bridge for photos, after eventually finding a parking spot. Then took the scenic route to the airport, where we had to spend $75 to get our three x luggage on the plane. Ah well.

Forgot to stick my swiss army knife in the check-in, so gave that to the baggage handler before security (rather him than TSA, I figure).

* The Hertz GPS navigator girlie, otherwise known as “I do what the voices in my dashboard tell me”.