Various calamities

Managed to flood a hotel room and get attacked by the local wildlife, but for the rest all is well.

Vegas is… Vegas. Hot, lots of people and lots of light and lots of bling.

The pinball place was slightly disappointing, but only because we visited the Pacific Pinball Museum in San Francisco and that rocks.

Drove to the Grand Canyon (which is as big in real life) via Route 66, made camp, and missed sunset. Got to see the sunrise however. Others have posted pictures, Tanya resizes pics and blogs while I drive, so I don’t get much blogging time.

Continued on to Green River, where I was most impressed with the Robber’s Roost Motel. No wine for sale in town, got some pretty good IPA (Moab Brewery Scorpion Pale Ale). Had to buy a sixpack so there’s some left.

Life’s good. Expensive, but good.